Day 13 in Vancouver

Hi all!

Today has been a very productive day. I was able to get over to one of the three clinics that Vancouver has to offer. It was incredible! I loved the experience. The professionals that I met over there were very refreshing to see. This clinic serves preschool and kindergarten aged students. The centre provides evidence based practices such ABA therapy and VB to their students. The age range as said is 3-5 years old. The centre has a wonderful staff, which includes 3 behavior interventionists, one Ph.D. & BCBA-D, student program director who is going for her BCBA, and another behavior interventionist who is also a early childhood educator. This has been the first clinic that I have actually be able to walk through and see how it is run and it reminded me a great deal of how SPARC runs their preschool program. This clinic is now serving eleven students give or take one. It is a on a 3 to 2 student to teacher ratio, which allows them to be very individualized for each student. It seemed that this clinic is one of the top in all British Columbia. That assumption was gathered over the hours of conversation that I had. It seems the regulations of the government of British Columbia is vastly different than in the States, which was to be expected. There seems to be many positives and negatives to the services in British Columbia as there are with anything. I would love to go further into discussion about government regulations and funding that I learned with anyone who would be interested when I return home. As I have said in all previous posts please reach out to me and I would love to have those conversations with you. This can be done either by email or when I return home.

I also was able to do some motorcycle maintenance today. I want to thank Bonnie and Bob Jones at Montgomeryville Cycle Center. They paid in full for all of my motorcycle maintenance in Vancouver. If it wasn’t for them this trip would have been a bit harder to accomplish. Now I should be good to go to get home! Visit their site or location. They are a great cycle shop!

I will be getting back on the road tomorrow morning at 430 am! Not sure where I will end up. It could be as close as Missoula, MT or as far as Billings, MT. It all depends on the border crossing and weather.

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Thank you everyone.

Remember to keep the donations coming! We broke $2000! Only a little bit more to get to the goal!!!

-Jimmy Image

The skyline of Vancouver from the ferry.


GABA Vancouver! The amazing professionals that I met at the clinic in Vancouver.

ImageOne more of the professionals at GABA Vancouver and I.

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