Day 15 on the road.

Hi all!

I made it to Fargo, North Dakota. I rode for about 750 miles today. I am very tired as is tradition. My hotel experience in Vancouver was absolutely incredible. It is a non-profit housing project for the aboriginal people in Vancouver. There is a high population of homelessness amongst the aboriginal people and this hotel gives a chance for these individuals to raise money and get their feet on the ground. There is a gallery in the lobby of the hotel where these artists can display and sell their art. There was utter beauty in all of the art. I loved it! I wanted to buy everything. Please visit their site to learn more! …. I would love to talk about this experience with anyone who is interested. I was also given the opportunity by one of the Elders named Old Hands to be given a cleansing and blessing ceremony for myself and trip. This experience was one of the high lights. Vancouver turned out being a wonderful and positive stop along this adventure.
Like I always say, contact me if you want to talk more about any topic.

Thank you for your support! Only two more days of riding!!!

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Art Gallery.


Art Gallery.


Art Gallery.


Old Hands and I after the cleansing ceremony.

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