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Day 1- Wednesday, May 29th: Lansdale, PA to Madison, WI (897 miles)

Day 2- Thursday, May 30st: Madison, WI to Dickinson, ND (786 miles)

Day 3- Friday, May 31st: Dickinson, ND to Missoula, MT (664 miles)

Day 4- Saturday, June 1st: Missoula, MT to Seattle, WA (472 miles)

Day 5- Sunday, June 2nd: Spend day in Seattle, WA
(Visit Autism Center)

Day 6- Monday, June 3rd: Seattle, WA to Town of Smithers, BC (779 miles)

Day 7- Tuesday, June 4th: Town of Smithers, BC to Prince Rupert, BC (217 miles)

Day 8- Wednesday, June 5th: Arrive in Juneau, AK via Ferry

Day 9- Thursday, June 6th: Spend day in Juneau, AK
(Visit Autism Center)

Day 10- Friday, June 7th: Juneau, AK to Skagway, AK (via ferry)

Day 11- Satuday, June 8th: Skagway, AK to Stewart, BC (695 miles)

Day 12- Sunday, June 9th: Spend day in Stewart, BC

Day 13- Monday, June 10th: Stewart, BC to Prince George, BC (435 miles)

Day 14- Tuesday, June 11th:  Prince George, BC to Whistler, BC (399 miles)

Day 15- Wednesday, June 12th: Whistler, BC to Vancouver, BC (76 miles)

Day 16- Thursday, June 13th: Spend day in Vancouver, BC
(Motorcycle Maintenance)

Day 17- Friday, June 14th: Spend day in Vancouver, BC
(Visit Autism Center)

Day 18- Saturday, June 15th: Vancouver, BC to Billings, MT (952 miles)

Day 19- Sunday, June 16th: Billings, MT to Tomah, WI (1010 miles)

Day 20- Monday, June 17th: Tomah, WI to Lansdale, PA (993 miles)


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